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Author Checklist

1. General guidelines

  • ☐ All authors ensures that the contents of the present manuscript have not been published nor intend to be published in other journals.
  • ☐ Copyright signed by the corresponding author on behalf of all co-authors.
  • ☐ Conflict of interest disclosure form was completed.
  • ☐ Manuscripts as .doc(x) files.
  • ☐ The manuscript formatted as follows: A4 paper, 12 point font, 1.5-spaced
  • ☐ An original article should be presented in the following order: title page, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgements, references, tables, figure legends, and figures.
  • ☐ Acronyms and abbreviations when used are defined where first used followed by the acronym or abbreviation in parentheses.

2. Title page

  • ☐ Include title of the thesis, the running title (within 8 words), and the name of the principal and other authors, along with current positions.
  • ☐ Contact information (address, phone, e-mail) of the corresponding author and the source of any research funding at the bottom of the page.

3. Abstract

  • ☐ Keep the maximum word count of abstract according to the type of article.
  • ☐ Three to six index terms at the bottom of the abstract.
  • ☐ All manuscript pages numbered consecutively beginning with the abstract as page 1.

4. Main text

  • ☐ Ethical statement regarding approval of an institutional review board and/or animal experiments mentioned in the ‘Materials and Methods’ section.
  • ☐ Names and locations (city and state only) of manufacturers of equipment and non-generic drugs are given.
  • ☐ All statistical methods accurately described in detail.
  • ☐ Conclusion stated in a separate paragraph under the ‘Conclusions’ heading.

5. References

  • ☐ References listed consecutively in the order in which they appear in the text on a separate page.
  • ☐ Compliance with ‘Neurointervention’ quotation styles.

6. Table

  • ☐ Arabic numerals employed for tables.
  • ☐ Title of the table stated in the form of a paragraph or sentence.
  • ☐ First letters of nouns and adjectives capitalized.
  • ☐ Tables numbered in the order in which they are cited in the text.
  • ☐ Abbreviations defined in an explanatory note below each table.
  • ☐ Explanations for and abbreviations used in tables included as footnotes.
  • ☐ Each table given on a separate page with its own title.

7. Figures

  • ☐ All figures in BMP, JPG, or TIF format, summited separately from the text.
  • ☐ Electronic photographs with resolution of at least 300 dpi.
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